Are you struggling with bodily weakness? Although our bodies are our temporary homes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do our part to keep them healthy. We may not be able to change our genetics, medical history, or life circumstance, but we all can work on nutrition!

What we eat can determine how our body deals with chronic illness and stress. What we eat can alter our not just our physical constitution, but also our mental constitution.

If you are struggling with even eating food, I hope to help you regain the ability to eat. If you would like guidance on nourishing your body to regain strength, fight illness, or improve your brain function, contact me with the form below. What I can promise is individualized nutrition therapy. I can promise to be on your team.

Consulting Fees:

  • Initial appointment – $90 (This includes one hour of me reviewing any documents submitted to me plus one hour of face to face time.)
  • In-depth research and review of laboratory values, written report, and follow up – $45/hour (Typical this does not exceed $400. You will be notified if I expect that it will exceed that amount.)

Mosaic Labs (I will give you my practitioner discount. I do not upcharge.)

All fees, except those associated with lab work, can be adjusted based on a sliding scale for those with financial difficulties. Although I don’t bill insurance, you are welcome to submit a claim on your own for reimbursement from your insurance company. I do have a NPI number that is required for insurance claims.