If you are medically lost, and have no hope. Come to me for a free consultation. I may or may not be able to help. My career as a dietitian and mom of an insanely complex child has given me a weird set of skills to sleuth out underlying health problems. I don’t ask for money. I don’t want your money. You only have to sign on the dotted line so that I own your soul…….JUST KIDDING!!! You just have to fill out a waiver form. Hahaha!

Why no payment? I’m storing up treasures in heaven by helping you, and I certainly don’t want any money if I can’t make a difference for you. Send me an email. Put “Treasures In Heaven” in the subject line. I may have a long wait list, but I will definitely try my best to help you in a timely manner.

– May God bless you. Meredith Arthur, MS, RD, LD