Bathroom trips will never be the same after reading Oh! My Poo Poo!. Enjoy reading the story about little Zoey learning to use the potty with her mom. Sing along to the song Oh! My Poo Poo! set to the tune of Oh, My Darling Clementine. Later, read through tried and true tips on managing constipation and diarrhea from registered dietitian Meredith Arthur. Sometimes it takes only a little behavior modification to succeed at having a normal pooping pattern. Meredith provides toilet behavior modification guidelines including how to best time toilet trips for successful bowel movements, the best position for pooping, tips for adding fun to toilet time, how to avoid fear of toileting, and how faith can be helpful during tough times as caregivers to typical children and those with extra special needs. If those tips don’t get the duty done, Meredith provides thorough guidelines on how to adjust fiber, fluid, fat, and gut flora to change the consistency of bowel movements. She adds in some helpful tips on using pressure point therapy, as well as how to use essential oils safely to promote bowel movements. This unique book is for struggling caregivers and struggling children who need to have a bowel movement, and want desperately to sing, “Oh, my poo poo. Oh, my poo poo, now it’s all out of my tummy, and I have so much more room for the food that is yummy!”

Watch Zoey having fun while I am singing the poo poo song! Fun is so important for toilet time!

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